The Long-Term Plan 2018-28

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Long-Term Plan 2018-28 Volume 1

Long-Term Plan 2018-28 Volume 2

What is the Long-Term Plan?

A LTP is produced every three years with the long-term goals for our Council. It outlines what Council will do over the next 10 years and how it will be funded. This includes services and activities provided by the Council for the community and future projects to ensure we are meeting the needs of residents throughout the district.

To ensure we meet the current and future needs of our community, we have developed community outcomes which guide the decisions we make. These outcomes relate to Our People, Our Spaces, Our Economy, and Our Environment.

Why is it important?


The LTP is like a contract between the Council and the community.

To ensure Ashburton District remains a great place to live, work and play, we need to make smart choices and plan ahead for the future. This is what the draft LTP is all about.


Changes to how our district is growing may mean we have to change the way we provide activities and services. The LTP is the document where we set out what these changes are and how we plan to tackle them.


Also included in the LTP is our 30-year strategic plan for infrastructure in the district. This document, the Infrastructure Strategy or ‘IS’, covers the major things we provide such as roads, footpaths, sewerage, drinking water and stock water. The IS identifies the big issues surrounding these activities, such as upgrades, maintenance and renewals.

How has it been developed?

The draft plan is based on feedback we received from the community through the ‘Our Place’ campaign. Workshops were also held with elected members to help determine the Council’s priorities for the district.

We have also asked for your feedback on three of our policies in preparation for writing the LTP: Development & Financial Contributions Policy, Significance & Engagement Policy, and Revenue & Financing Policy.

Our key issues

The Ashburton District Council has adopted the draft Long Term Plan (LTP) 2018 – 28. To make sure the final plan reflects everyone’s input, the Council needed to check back with the community.

These are the five key issues affecting ‘Our Place’ that we asked for your feedback on:


  • Our Roading Network

  • Our Transportation Upgrades – Second Urban Bridge

  • Our Water – Future Planning

  • Our Recreation – EA Networks Centre Development

  • Our Economy – Economic Development Strategy

  • Our Roading Network