Long-Term Plan


What is the LTP?
The Long Term Plan 2018 – 28 (LTP) maps out the future of Our Place - the Ashburton District - over the next 10 years. Council makes an LTP every three years, outlining what services and activities it will provide and how it will pay for them.

It’s all about ensuring we are meeting the needs of our community.

Why is it important?
To ensure Ashburton District remains a great place to live, work and play, we need to make smart choices and plan ahead for the future. This is what the draft LTP is all about.

When does the consultation period begin?
Consultation closed 14 May, 2018.

What are the main issues in the LTP?
These are the five key areas affecting ‘Our Place’ that we wanted your feedback on:


  • Our Roading Network

  • Our Transportation Upgrades – Second Urban Bridge

  • Our Water – Future Planning

  • Our Recreation – EA Networks Centre Development

  • Our Economy – Economic Development Strategy


How can I find out more?
You can find more information on the Ashburton District Council website
Call council on (03) 307 7700  (24 hours) or email communityplanning@adc.govt.nz

What happens to my submission?
All feedback submitted on the draft plan was taken into consideration, before the Council approved the final LTP 2018 – 28 at the end of June.

How can I make a submission?
Every household received a consultation booklet with all the information needed to make a submission. 

Submissions were also made in person at the Council offices, over the phone by calling (03) 307 7700 or taken from social media.

Why do you need my personal information?
Having your contact details means we can contact you directly if we require more information from you regarding your submission. All personal information is kept confidential.

Are you going to publish my name anywhere?
Your name will have appeared on your submission which is a public document, but all contact details were hidden. Your feedback may have been quoted and used.

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