What is ‘Our Place’? 

Our Place is the Ashburton District and is the community we call home.  

What happens to all of the responses?  

Responses will be collated from all completed surveys. All information will be treated as confidential. 

Why do you need my personal information? 

For two reasons: 

  1. To ensure that we only receive one survey per resident of the district. In the instance where we receive more than one survey per resident we will only include a single response. 

  2. Having your contact email address means we could contact you directly in the future about other Council news, if you would like us to. 

Are you going to publish my name anywhere? 

No names will be published but answers to the questions may be quoted and used.


What will happen with the results of the survey? 

The survey will inform Council’s development of its 10 year plan, known as the Long Term Plan 2021-2031. 

Will I be able to see what other people have said? 

Collated results of the survey will be available online. 

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