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Our Place  Our Plan

It is Our Place and Our Future,
so let's design it together.

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Our Place

Our Place is Ashburton District, the place we call home.
We are proud to live, work and play in this awesome part of New Zealand. We have developed our Long-Term Plan, which sets out the vision for Our Place over the next ten years. Thanks to everyone who submitted feedback to us to make sure we are on the right track.

Long-Term Plan timeline 

21 September - 10 December

12 April

12 April - 14 May

28 - 29 May

30 May - 1 June

28 June 2018

1 July 2018

15 March - 14 April 2019

Our Place Engagement Campaign

Draft LTP adopted by Council


Hearings for submitters wishing to present in person

Council deliberation on submissions received

Final LTP

LTP takes effect

Consultation Period for Library and Civic Centre