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Our Place  Our Plan
Every three years we update our Long-Term Plan and we need your feedback to help us get on the right track.

It's Our Place and Our Future, so let's design it together.

Across August and September 2020 we ran a survey to find out what our community thinks should happen in Our Place, the Ashburton District, over the next ten years. Three years ago the community told us what their top priorities were, so we wanted to check in and see if these were still important for you. We're currently working our way through the results - over 1000 people provided us with their views! So check back shortly to find out what our community has told us.

Long-Term Plan timeline 
Our Place Engagement Campaign
Draft LTP adopted by Council
Consultstion period
Hearings for submitters wishing to present in person
Council deliberation on submissions receive
Final LTP adopted
LTP takes effect